Another ghost was laid to rest, after last season’s 6-2 defeat to Old Mancunians we travelled over to central Manchester determined not to repeat the mistakes of last season. For a start we made sure we had the correct address and postcode.
We also set off earlier knowing it was a difficult place to get to. We didn't really need to bother as the referee decided to turn up 5 minutes before the 2Pm kick off.
Kick off was delayed for 10 minutes but it didn't take long to for us to take the lead. A nice move down the left hand side was finished off with a well taken goal from Andre Veneziale after a great ball through from Paul Amos.
We looked in control and it looked like only a matter of time before we scored a second. Wrong - a long ball through was missed by everyone allowing the Old Mancunians lone striker to run through and score. I could go on and bore everyone of where it went wrong, but I will take that up with the defenders involved before our next game.
We went in front again after a ball was played into the far post for Keiron Laskowski to finish off at the fourth attempt.
Old Mancunians then pulled back level after another long ball found there left winger about 10 yards off side, everyone stopped including, their players but for some reason (???) the referee shouted and waved play on. To be fair there was still a bit of work to be done, but their winger went through to score a very controversial goal.
That meant the last 15 minutes of the half was awful to watch due to everyone connected with Old Blacks feeling hard done to.
We came in at half time a little deflated but I still felt it was our game to lose. We were the better team and just needed to get sorted out.
After a few quiet words and three substitutions we came out all guns blazing. Unfortunately I forgot to tell the referee about the substitutes, so they all ended up with a booking for entering the field of play without permission.
We went 3-2 up shortly after when a great move started from substitute Lewis Fielding playing into Danny Shutts feet, Dan then played a one two with Jordan Fielding, then played a great ball in for Rick Mcguirty to finish off well from inside the box.
The referee then realised he had missed the Old Mancunians substitution at right back coming on at halftime without permission, so he then booked him as well.
We then killed the game off after Will Ainsworth tapped in a goal from close range.
We then a perfectly good goal ruled out for off side, after another great move, finished off by Rick Mcgurty.
In the end it was comfortable win. Again not firing on all cylinders, but more than good enough and three more points. Well done to all involved.

Players Marks

Bradley Oliver 8 - A couple of top save but could do nothing with goals

Mark Feeney 7 - Along with the defence had a shaky 1st half

Andre Veneziale 8 - Usual tidy game and another goal

Daniel Shutt 6 - Worst 1st half performance ever, pulled it back after half time- worked his socks off

Keiron Laskowski 8 - Better with every game and a wonder goal!!!!

Matt Dewhurst 6 - Still struggling to hit form but he will get there Im sure of it, needs a goal and he will be fine

Will Ainsworth 8 - Making less mistakes and on the score sheet well done baby Will

Jordan Fielding 7 - Suffered like the rest of defence in 1st half, much better second half up front

Andrew Charnley 6 - Helped keep clean sheet in the 2nd half and worked well alongside the skipper

Sam Dixon 5 - Not a great day for Sam, he was ill, got there late, booked, and only lasted 5 mins on the pitch. FTB and a day to forget for him

Lewis Fielding 6 - Tidy second half from the bench, helped to calm things down at the back

Rick Mcgurty 8 - Ran his socks off all afternoon and deserved more than the one goal.

Paul Amos 7 - A bit shaky in the 1st half, like everyone but did well when he came back on

Alex Boardman 7 - Looked like he was going to rip Old Mancunians to bits but fitness took its toll, went in defence for second half and did well.