Lymm 1 - 3 Old Blacks 

The journey to Lymm was one filled with hopes, dreams and ambition, with a slight feeling of doubt, as when we set off the heavens were still open. We could hardly believe that after 3 months with no game that today it could finally be on. The lads rocked up ready to rumble but as we walked on to the away pitch our fears were confirmed, the only way to describe it would be comparing it to Shreks swamp, and an utter mud bath! We get ready anyway, but wait. No we don't! No socks and shorts! (Lewis Fielding) -  cheers to Lymm for loaning us the missing kit –an almighty mighty boo boo to say the least, after travelling 45 miles.
Luckily we had an exceptional referee who decide it was fit to play and that the river Ribble flowing across the pitch wasn't an issue. We knew today would be a tough fixture, as Lymm had beaten top of the league at home the week before! The game gets under way, we quickly realise today wasn't a day for fancy stuff and passing football. We decide to play a more direct style than our normal game, which was aided by Tommy Kay joining the side with a bit more prescience and physicality up top. It was a scrappy game to say the least, but we got the break through after a smart move wide on the left involving  Kyle Haggan and Tommy Kay, Following some neat one two stuff, Kyle delivered the ball in to the mixer and a cute finish from the egg man (Elliot Guinan) ! 1-0 hazaaar!
With the pitch being a nightmare fouls were occurring all over the pitch and we were under quite a bit of pressure. We conceded a cheap goal from a corner as we weren't switched on. 1-1 boo!
At half time manager Dave Fielding decided to motivate us after watching an end to end game, and told us to calm down, not mess with it, and get our heads on! Come on boys!
Not long in to the half, following a late challenge on Jordan Fielding, a free kick is given and Kyle Haggan picked up the ball and confidently said ‘we are bagging here’,  and we did. Fair play to the lad, he delivered a delicious ball, straight through the corridor of uncertainty and the keeper found himself in no man’s land, and a header flickerdin by posh Will! (Ainsworth) 2-1!
We then started to sit back a little, and received a lot of pressure for the last 15 minutes holding on for a result.  Lymm really wanted it but we weren't putting out. Not today. Lymm pushed everyone forward with a minute to go for a corner. The pressure was on. Mark Feeney’s towering header got it clear, but only as far as their winger on the edge of our penalty area, but a good clean a challenge from Jordan Fielding sent the ball to little Bradley (Langhorn), who carried it what must have been 80 yards at full pelt, with a passionate manager chasing, and almost over taking over him. Langhorn then played the ball square plays to Kieran Laskowski, who finished it tidily to make it 3-1 and the final whistle goes!
What a result! #COYOBADHD

Players Marks by Dave Fielding

Bradley Oliver - 8 Superb handling as always 

Mark Feeney - 8 A rock at the back and needed to be!

Will Ainsworth - 8 Ran his socks off and a well taken goal with his head

Jordan Fielding - 8 Worked hard for the team and a hand in the 3rd goal, played all over the park

Lewis Fielding - 8 Grew into the game and a strong 2nd half.

Paul Amos - 8 Another player who seems to get better as the game goes on,important player for us at the back now.

Elliot Guinan - 8 Agreat touch for the 1st goal and 100% effort as always for the team

Alex Boardman - 8 Fitted in well with the big Lug and a tidy performance

Keiron Lakowski - 8 Another goal and put in a shift for the team again

Kyle Haggan - 8 Worked well on the left and a hand in 2 goals, great left foot and would fit into this team

Tommy Kay - 8 Like kyle he fitted in well and worked his socks, off for the team


Matt Dewhurst - 8 Think he should take up boxing!! was starting to run rings round Lymm until he got his giggs broken

Brad Langhorn - 8 Always a threat and a pain for the opposition, great run and cross for the 3rd goal

I have Given all our player 8 just for turning up and playing in awful weather, and helping to bring the 3 points home!!!